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Exchange for Spanish Issue

Exchange for a Spanish Issued EU Licence

If you have Residencia in Spain, i.e. are in possession of the A4 or card size green paper certificate, then you are advised to exchange your current licence for a Spanish issue or at the very least have your current licence inscripted. The latter only applies to those who hold the pink plastic licence - if you only have a paper driving licence then this needs to be exchanged because it is a requirement across the EU to be in possession of a pink plastic photo licence.

In both cases(exchange or inscript) you are registering your address (postal) with the country where you live, which is an EU requirement.

One question that always arises is in connection with hiring a vehicle when we return to our homeland. Because it conforms to EU requirements, your Spanish EU licence can be used to hire a car in the UK or any other European country and should not prevent you from driving a family member's car due to insurance issues (unless it is an age clause!)

We can help you exchange or inscript your EU licence, highlighting the differences between the two options, and attend Trafico on your behalf - please contact us for information on the procedure.

If you are the holder of a non-EU licence then the requirements are different - please contact us for more details.





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