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De-Register Vehicle (Baja)

In order to de-register (baja) a vehicle you need to make a trip to a Trafico office within the province that you live - for us residing in this corner of Andalucia it is Almeria.

There are two different kinds of Baja......

Temporary - similar to a SWORN in the UK - lets Trafico know that the vehicle is off the road - this freezes any future annual tax payments and enables the owner to stop the insurance. Some garages use this method when you part-exchange your vehicle.

Permanent (Baja Definitivo) - applies to vehicles that are scrapped or exported.

When a vehicle is scrapped in Spain the scrapyard normally carry out the whole process because they are obliged to produce official paperwork confirming the vehicle no longer exists.

If the vehicle is exported then the receiving country need to register it and provide new number plates and Spain need to know the vehicle has left so they can remove it from their system. It is very important to let Trafico know otherwise it continues to be liable for the annual tax and if left unpaid accrues interest.

We can make an appointment and visit Trafico on your behalf - the total cost is 54€ (if documents require posting abroad then this is an additional cost)




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