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Making/Changing Appointments

Doctor appointments can be made online or over the telephone. Even for a repeat prescription it is necessary to have an appointment with the doctor.

Click here to access the screen to make an appointment with your doctor or call Salud Responde on 902 505 060

If you prefer, we can make the appointment for you at a cost of 2€. However, if one of our team accompanies you as a translator then there is no charge for this service.

Making Hospital appointments are not quite so straight forward.

In most cases you will be given a referal letter by the doctor or specialist and this must be handed in so the appointment can be made.

A first referal by the doctor is usually handled by a main Health Centre (Centro de Salud) - locally that is Albox or Huércal Overa depending where you live. Subsequent referals or those requested by a specialist are handled by the appointments desk (Cita Previa) in the hospital.

In all cases it is rare for the appointment to be issued immediately - it will usually be telephoned through later or sometimes posted (they will use the number and address logged in the system when you first registered).

We can take care of all of this for you and even provide our telephone number so you don't have to worry about not understanding the caller. Our charge is between 3-10€ depending on what is required.

Change Hospital appointments - You may not be able to attend a hospital appointment, due to other commitments. This can be changed and is usually sorted over the telephone when a new date and time are given.

We can help you with this and our charge for each phone call is 2€.

Blood & Urine Test / ECG / Scan Appointments

Blood tests are usually booked with the nurse at your surgery, who has set days and times. If you require a blood test sooner than the one offered it can be booked at the Hospital or Centro de Salud. Urine is usually handed in at the same time as blood test.

The local surgery also provides ECG tests but as with the blood test if it is required sooner then it can be carried out at the Hospital or Centro de Salud.

Scan appointments are arranged at the hospital, who will usually call you the day before they want you. If you are local to Huércal Overa hospital you may be called to the private clinic, CEMEDIAV, as they handle some of the workload too.

We can arrange or change any of these appointments for you - our charge is 5-10€ depending on what is involved.



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